At the Rusty Plow Blueberry Farm, we are making changes to the way we operate that should keep all our customers and employees safe and healthy. Our goal is to follow the safety guidelines while we all enjoy the fresh air and the delights of the farm. If, however, you feel uncomfortable about going out in public, we will be taking orders for pre-picked berries that can be delivered to your car by appointment! More to come on that…


We understand that there are strong feelings around this and we want to accommodate everyone to offer the best experience possible, so here’s what we’re doing:

  1. We will require masks at entry and exit points always.
  2. We will offer picking times where we will leave it up to you whether or not to wear a mask once you’ve been led to your designated picking area, safely distanced from other guests (in accordance with the mask mandate).
  3. We will ALSO offer picking times where masks are required at ALL TIMES. We hope this will accommodate those who are most vulnerable health-wise, as well as anyone who just feels more comfortable in this environment!
  4. “Mask required” picking times will generally be in the mornings, and “mask optional” picking times will be offered at other times. We will post on our homepage and Facebook all the details as we know them for each picking session.

Thank you for being flexible and understanding during this unprecedented season!

New entry +

The checkout shack will now be EXIT ONLY for weighing and paying for your berries. We’ve created a brand new ENTRY ONLY location to the front west corner… it’s clearly marked so you can’t miss it. Our staff will be working hard to keep everyone safely distanced within the field (more than 6 feet apart), guiding you and your party to an area that you will be asked to stay within while you pick.


We’ve upgraded our entry area with two hand-washing sinks and hand sanitizer.  You will be asked to wash or sanitize prior to picking in the farm.

Symptoms of illness

You will be asked if you or your family have any symptoms of illness or have been around anyone with positive Covid-19… if so, please do not come to the farm as you will be asked to leave.


We ask that you please adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times, as much as it is physically possible. As mentioned above, you will be guided by staff to a picking area that is away from other guests by more than six feet. Children and family groups will be asked to stay close together in the field.


When it comes to how many people we can have in the field at a time, please understand that we will be periodically pausing guest entry when the fields reach a maximum for social distancing. We will be posting our hours for longer openings, so we can hopefully spread out and accommodate all our customers.

bags, and

Please leave your containers at home. We will provide sanitized buckets for picking and either bags or cardboard boxes for your berries, free of charge.