We have five main varieties at the farm, each composed of different flavor profiles and qualities. They are all awesome! Here is a little more detailed info on each of the varieties we have.


Our first ripeners, Duke berries are light blue, mild in flavor, very firm, and great both fresh AND for being stored in the freezer and used in baking/cooking. Duke is the leading early ripening Northern Highbush variety. Duke’s mild flavor seems to improve with cold storage.


Spartans are medium blue, very large berries with superb flavor, and usually follow right behind the Duke crop, ripening early on in the season. Spartan berries are best eaten fresh!


Firm, crisp, light blue Drapers are one of our mid-season varieties. Medium to large in size, they have both sweet and more tangy qualities. While they are of course delicious eaten fresh, their more complex flavor also makes them wonderful for baking!


Chandlers are one of our most popular varieties, easily growing as large or larger than quarters! Medium blue, giant berries that are sweet and amazing eaten fresh are what this variety is known for. They usually ripen mid-to-late season, late July or early August, depending on the weather.


Balanced flavor and light blue in color, these medium to large sized berries are our final variety of the season, usually ripening in mid-August. Liberty berries are known for being a favorite amongst all varieties for their great flavor.