RPF_2014-2RPF Opening Day

  • U-Pick blueberries are $2.50/lb
  • Parking is free in our grassy parking areas
  • We provide clean buckets for picking convenience, no need to bring your own
  • Bring a container to bring your berries home in…or if you forget, we have free bio-degradable bags or for an additional 50 cents, a sturdy box that holds up to 10 lbs. of fruit
  • We accept credit and debit cards for an additional charge of 50 cents — otherwise, cash or checks will do the job
  • We simply weigh your berries at the shack as you leave, and charge by the pound
  • Wear comfortable clothes, closed-toed shoes are good
  • Please no bare feet
  • Please no smoking on the property
  • Please no pets allowed inside the farm fences… this is for health and food safety
  • A hat and sunscreen is a good idea, as there’s not a lot of shade
  • Tasting is encouraged while picking… however, please save your “feasting” for when you get your blueberries home