Blueberry Farm Planting Day 10.1.11-2-3

The Rusty Plow Blueberry Farm is a family-owned small farm on the Enumclaw plateau, just below the foothills of Mt. Rainier. Dave and Sue White are the resident-owners, keeping the farm going with the help of our extended family and friends.

Located on the pastures of an old dairy farm, our blueberries thrive in our nutrient-rich soils. We established the farm in the fall of 2011, when friends and family gathered for a large “planting party”, carefully setting out several thousand new blueberry starts into our raised beds.

Currently we have over 4,700 blueberry plants spread out over 3.2 acres, with wide grassy aisles between the rows. Our U-Pick customers love the fact that there’s no mud and no mess as they pick.

Our 6 different varieties ripen at different stages over the months of July and August, with our Duke variety coming on strong and early (end of June, early July), and our Liberty variety closing us out towards the end of August. We also have Spartan, Draper, Chandler, and Blue Ribbon varieties, each with their own tastes and personalities.

Our berries are watered and fertilized through a drip irrigation system, with a dedicated ground-water well that serves only the berry plants. We use a raised-bed system and a black fabric weed mulch to keep the roots healthy and warm the ground a little earlier in the springtime.

We have plenty of onsite parking on our grassy parking areas, and a “Honeybucket” comfort station that’s easily accessible.

Our farm is currently not certified as “organic”, but we share many sustainable farming practices with our organic cousins. We use fungicides and pesticides that are OMRI listed (organic) as our go-to tools, and use other organic-listed products as much as possible, whenever possible. We care for our bee population by never spraying when the bees are out foraging in the fields. If you would like more information about our farm practices, feel free to ask us when you visit.

We are first and foremost a U-Pick farm, but we are happy to fill orders for picked berries. Please contact us by phone or by email… or just stop by the farm stand and let us know how many pounds you would like. For reference, five pounds of our blueberries just about fills a one-gallon bucket. Price for pre-picked will include an additional charge for the pickin’ to be done…